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Discover Food from Israel on the Gold Coast

Uncover Award Winning Israeli Restaurants in the Gold Coast

Discover delectable cuisine when you visit our Israeli Restaurant on the Gold Coast. As Israeli owners we take pride in introducing Gold Coast locals and tourist alike to the flavours of Israel. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to inspired dining options in this foodie destination. Especially if you are searching for a Mediterranean infusion of flavours, there is no better option than Taboon Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine. It is this commitment that led to us being honoured with the Restaurant & Catering Hotplus Awards for Excellence as 2020’s Best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Queensland. Our contemporary menu is intensely inspired by the culinary arts of Tel Aviv with intricate flavour infusions from the surrounding Middle East region.


Passion led us here over 14 years ago. It is this desire and commitment to innovation that has ensured we continue to create beautiful dishes that keep tourists and locals coming back year after year. Indulge in a gastronomical culinary journey today when you book a reservation, order online or contact us for any questions you may have.

Contact us today to place an order for pick up or to book a table.

Dinner in Restaurant

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding, Middle Eastern Cuisine, influenced by Israeli Food

Our dining ethos is based on the idea of sharing. As such, we crafted a menu of contemporary Israeli food alongside Middle Eastern infusions and artfully designed the space to create a relaxed atmosphere imbued with eclectic sounds. We believe in combining all aspects of the dining experience to enhance connections, essentially creating memorable moments over great meals.

  • A shared experience. Delight in tasty meze and dips to start your meal. Alternatively, switch it up, order an array of smaller options and enjoy a diverse selection of aromatic flavours reminiscent of the Middle East. Perfect for quelling all your cravings.

  • A little feast. When certainty strikes, and you’re positive about what your craving, our bigger grills and pizza options are an ideal addition to your meze and dips. They are also great on their own to share or as an individual meal.

  • Just a bite. Our nourishing pocket pitas and bowls are extremely popular. These amazing sandwiches make the perfect meal and are a addition to your culinary Middle Eastern journey.

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Israeli restaurants and Middle Eastern Inspired Food

Not all Israeli restaurants are created equal. Here, the rules are simple; choose what works for you. Mix and match dishes from across the menu to create your taste experience. As you know, we believe in crafting food and dining spaces that foster connections, we also believe in flexibility and combining new flavours. This commitment extends to the services we offer and alternative ingredients available.

  • Our dishes are a fusion of flavours from across the Middle East, especially Israel. Our contemporary style offers an unique flavours designed to foster enjoyment and intrigue.

  • Lifestyle dining. Taking into consideration the host of lifestyle and food intolerances in the world, we have created a selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. We also offer alternative ingredients for some of our dishes, to make them vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free.

  • Dine your way. We offer various dining options, such as our much loved in-house dining experience. Alternatively, suppose you’re searching for a more casual evening in. In that case, we offer online orders for collection as well as UberEats, for delivery. Furthermore, we provide private catering and self-catering for those intimate dinner parties or larger events.

Middle Eastern Food
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